Ecuador Villa Eco-Lodge

Horse Riding and other activities at our Ecolodge Resort in Ecuador

Ecolodge means that our Retreat practices ecological conservation and permaculture.

Ecuador eco-lodge, environmental conservation and permaculture in Ecuador. Ecological responsibility
             	  at budget Ecuador Rental prices.  Rustic Ecuadorian luxury.
Mountain eco-lodge, environmental conservation and permaculture in Ecuador. We provide 
         	  ecological responsibility at budget eco lodge prices.  And rustic ecuadorian luxury to boot!
Mountain eco-lodge, environmental conservation and permaculture in Ecuador. We provide 
         	  ecological responsibility at budget eco lodge prices.  And rustic ecuadorian luxury to boot!


Stuff To Do at Black Sheep Inn

In addition to day hikes, we offer horseback trips through the mountains.  You can also rent mountain bikes and take some great rides.

To relax, you can enjoy the yoga room whether it's for practicing yoga, reading on the sun deck, or napping in a hammock.  A firewood-fueled sauna and hot tub are available as well.

Black Sheep Inn is proud to provide the world's highest frisbee golf course, designed by pro competitor Robin White.  We also provide a horsheshoes court and a volleyball court, as well as plenty of boardgames in the lodge.  To get your heart racing, you can try our zipline and waterslide.   And you can spend some time getting to know the animals on the property (llamas, sheep, pigs, chickens and rabbits).

Black Sheep Inn provides the only internet access in the area, if you just can't kick the facebook habit while you're here.

Horseback Riding

Riding horses with a local native guide is a great way to take in the landscape.  You can walk or gallop across the high paramó, descend steeply into the canyon, or take a relaxing ride out onto the plateau.  All riders are welcome, from novices to experts.  The guides have many years of experience, and so do the horses. 

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The cost for most day treks is $15 per person.  If you are traveling up to the cloud forest the guide will also tether the horses at the edge of the forest and lead you on a walk into the jungle.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes are available from US$8 to $20 each per day.  Biking at altitude 3200 meters (10,500 feet), in thin air, with the landscape's dramatic contours, is a challenge for most riders.  We recommend a few downhill bike rides.

1. Chugchilán to Sigchos, 24 km, mostly downhill.  You can take the daily bus from Sigchos back to Chugchilán with the bikes on the roof.  Great views as the road winds along the canyon edge and visit a waterfall 6 km away.

2. Laguna Quilotoa to Chugchilán, 22 km, mostly downhill.  Catch a bus up to the volcanic crater of Quilotoa, spend some time hiking around the rim or hike down to the water's edge.  When you've seen enough of the lake, get on your bike and race back to Chugchilán.

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3. For uphill rides at this altitude you should be in good physical shape.  One fantastic uphill ride is to take the dirt roads up to Chinalo-Alto and the Cheese Factory, riding across the Paramó.  On this ride, you can easily include a visit to the Incan ruins and Cloud Forest.  Another challenging ride is to bike from Black Sheep Inn (3200 meters) up to Laguna Quilotoa at over 3800 meters.

Local Markets

Andean tradition thrives in this area and local markets provide many opportunities to observe how people have been trading for thousands of years.  You may be bargaining for a poncho, fresh fruit and produce, fried bread, or a rope to tie your brand new llama, or better yet buy two!

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Local markets only happen on specific days of the week.  Below you can see which markets might coincide with your visit to the area.

day town notes distance from Black Sheep Inn
Monday Guantualo A very small, non-touristy, rural community market. No direct road, but a lovely 3 hour hike.
TuesdayLatacunga A large market spreading across two plazas in the center of town. Very colorful. Gross views in the slaughter house and meat market. 3 hours by car
WednesdayPujilí Small -- the Sunday market is bigger. 2½ hours by car
ThursdaySaquisilí Economically one of the most important markets in Cotopaxi Province.  The entire community comes alive with vendors on every street corner selling everything imaginable throughout the village. 2½ hours by car
FridayNo Market Vendors preparing for Saturday Market fill the plazas in Latacunga.  
SaturdayZumbahua A morning market surrounded by rocky peaks. Very indigenous and colorful.  Lots of llamas.  Market ends by 1-2 pm. 2 hours by car
SaturdayLatacunga Much bigger than Tuesday's market. 3 hours by car
SundayChugchilán, Sigchos & Pujilí Local markets add life to the otherwise sleepy villages of Chugchilán, Sigchos & Pujilí 5 minute walk to Chugchilán,
1 hour to Sigchos.


Sauna and Hot Tub

Black Sheep Inn sauna is an eclectic combination of a traditional Finnish Sauna and a Native American Indian Sweat Lodge.  Some people say that the Finnish sauna is for cleaning the body, and the Native American sweat dome for ritualistic purification.  At Black Sheep Inn both ways feel fantastic! 

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The hot tub is first solar heated and then kept piping hot with the same woodstove that heats the sauna through a thermal siphon, this means there are no pumps or electricity used, just natural hot water.


On a steel cable slung between two of our biggest eucalyptus trees, the zipline flies you out over the hillside.  It starts in our treehouse and travels 100 meters out over the steep hillside driveway, and above the greenhouse.  You come to an end at a platform down by the pond.

Water Slide

We feature the world's highest solar-powered waterslide.  It's a terrific thrill, and it's also bitterly cold.  Often, guests like to combine a ride down the Waterslide of Death™ with some re-heating time in our sauna and hot tub.


In 2008 we completed our yoga studio -- a bright, open space with hardwood floors and plenty of windows for natural light.  The room is stocked with yoga mats, books, and instructional yoga posters.  However, it's also equipped with a sink, coffee and tea facilities, sofas, and hammocks.  Even if you're not a yogi, it's a lovely place to hang out.

more yoga photos

When possible, we try to have yoga instructors at the inn.  Otherwise, the yoga is self-serve.  Guests are given a key to the yoga studio, so they can use the space any time day or night.

Frisbee Golf

Black Sheep Inn is proud to boast the world's highest frisbee golf course.  We have lots of frisbees as well, and they're free to use so long as you don't throw them into the canyon.  Seriously.  The hills are steep, and go on more or less forever.  Completely losing your disc is a possibility.  But that's what makes the course FUN.

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The course was designed by Andres (the owner) and Robin White, a professional disc golf competitor.  With the altitude and the steep course greens, its one of the few disc golf courses that provides aerobic exercise.

Friendly Animals

The 10 acre farm is growing.  We’ve got a dog, a cat, pigs, chickens, rabbits, llamas, and of course a flock of Black Sheep!  All the animals are friendly and love attention.  The llamas are in training for Andean Llama Treks.  The chickens live in the back of the greehouse (for warmth), where they lay eggs that get used for breakfast at the inn. 

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And the Black Sheep... We started with a pair, and learned that two black sheep will produce adorable black lambs.  They are the most majestic looking mascots imaginable.

more animal photos