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Tourism can provide jobs, open your eyes to natural and cultural wonders and boost a country's pride.  But it can also damage.  Responsible-travel advocates urge tourists to "take only photos, leave only footprints."  At Global Plateau, we can do more.

That's why we developed Global Plateau's Welcome! Guides.  These guides focus on businesses that not only delight travelers but contribute in a responsible way to a region's economy, environment or culture.

Global Plateau is committed to making its Welcome! Guides fair and objective.  Travel journalist with years of experience compile our lists using input from experts in tourism, environment and national culture.  The enterprises in the guides pay no fee and are selected purely on their merits.

What are those merits?  In environmentally sensitive areas, we emphasize companies that respect local ecosystems.  We also spotlight companies that celebrate local culture and make a positive social and economic impact on the communities in which they operate.  Listed enterprises meet rigorous service standards.  You can visit our Web site at to see out selection criteria.

Welcome! Guides are now available for Peru and Ecuador, while more countries are on their way in coming months.  We rely in part on your responses to our survey and to readers' letters for crucial feedback, which we use to update each guide three times a year.

Please tell us about your experiences at our recommended destinations by writing to or to our offices at 25 Mt. Auburn St., #203, Cambridge, MA 02138.

This experimental farm has a lodge with nine rooms, a bunkhouse and a vegetarian restaurant. Activities include hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and journeys to pre-Columbian ruins. The inn is involved in organic gardening, reforestation and conservation education.
* Near Chugchilán, Phone (593-3) 281-4587,
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The Eco Tourist
By Graham Holliday
Special to the Sunday Herald ©
25 May 2003

Black Sheep Inn
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Black Sheep Inn
'True ecotourism is the future of tourism,' says Michelle Kirby of the Black Sheep Inn, perched high in the Andes of Cotopaxi, Ecuador. 'Since 1995 we have seen a tremendous increase in nature-based tourism.'

Michelle and Andres arrived here in 1994 from the USA and transformed their mountain lodge into a recycler's dream. Shower water is charcoal filtered and nourishes the reeds that feed the llamas, guinea pigs and sheep. There's a vegetarian restaurant and composting toilets that fertilize the organic garden.

'I loved the feeling of isolation,' says Irene Grainger a recent visitor. With an average of ten visitors a night, the inn doesn't get cramped, but at 12,500ft above sea level, altitude can be a problem. 'There were lots of excellent hikes to do. I did two easy ones since the altitude was a little hard on me.'

There's hiking, horse riding and llama treks, ranging from half-hour to full-day excursions, through the stunning Andean mountains. Treks take in the varied micro-climates of Chugchilán, the sierras of Rio Toachi Canyon, the wildlife haven of Cloud Forest and pre-Inca ruins.

June, July and August are the best months to visit. 'June is a fantastic time to visit as it is the end of the rainy season,' says Michelle. 'The countryside is vibrant shades of green, yet the weather is sunny and clear.'

Black Sheep Inn, PO Box 05-01-240, Chugchilán, Cotopaxi, Ecuador. (00593 3 281 4587),,, rooms cost £12 to £24 per night.

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