Ecuador Retreat Eco-Lodge

We are an Ecolodge Villa in Ecuador

Ecolodge means that our green gusthouse practices ecological conservation and permaculture.

Ecotourism is the partnership of the community with environmentally conscious tourists.

Mountain eco-lodge, environmental conservation and permaculture in Ecuador. We provide 
         	  ecological responsibility at budget eco lodge prices.  And rustic ecuadorian luxury to boot!
Mountain eco-lodge, environmental conservation and permaculture in Ecuador. We provide 
         	  ecological responsibility at budget eco lodge prices.  And rustic ecuadorian luxury to boot!

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Home front page, welcome to the site
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About history of the inn, and the owners -- Michelle and Andres

Mission  What makes Black Sheep Inn an ecological Resort?
History of the inn
Awards won by the inn for conservation & ecotourism
In the News  Articles about Black Sheep Inn
Friends  Links to friends and partners
Ecotourism in Ecuador  Links to Ecuadorian eco-friendly organizations
Ecotourism Internationally  Links to the wider world of ecotourism

Black Sheep Around the World  Other 'Black Sheep' operations

Ecological Conservation The permaculture and conservation projects we maintain at the inn

Concrete Goals  What we're trying to accomplish
Philosophy  Where we're coming from
Composting Toilets  Our inn uses all dry composting toilets
Solar Pump  A solar water pumping solution for watering gardens
Recycling  Our systems for recycling at the inn
Peramculture  Organic gardens, water supply and conservation, education
Tree Planting  Reforesting with indigenous species

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Community Ecology Promoting permaculture and recycling in the local community

Education  Raising awareness of the environment, training best practices
Recycling Center  Founding and running the local town's recycling program
Iliniza Reserve  Our efforts to help save the Iliniza Ecological Reserve
What is Ecotourism?  Towards a strong, useful definition of ecotourism

The Lodge Our lodge, rooms, and services

Features  of all rooms
Deluxe Room  Private room with private bathroom and shower
Standard Room  Private room with shared bathroom and shower
Bunkhouse  Shared Dormitory, shared bathroom and shower

Food, Services and Features Overview
Vegetarian Cuisine  Vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner are included
Snacks  Oatmeal cookies, brownies, bananna cake, cheese plate, more
Beer, Wine, Soda  A wide selection of wines, lots of pilsner beer
Yoga Studio  Bright open space for relaxation, with a huge deck
Sauna and Hot Tub  Wood-stove fueled sauna and soaking tub
Gymnasium  Free Weights and execrise bars
Animals  Lllamas, sheep, pigs, goats, rabbits.  All friendly beasts
Book Exchange  and ecotourism, travel reference libraries
Internet  We have a satellite link
Waterslide  Of death
Zipline  A 100 meter cable suspended above the hillside
Orientation  Maps, directions and hiking advice
Games  Frisbee Golf, volleyball, board gamse, horseshoes
Stars  No light pollution means amazing night skies

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The Area Highlights and sights to see in the Lake Quilotoa area

Cotopaxi  The world's highest active volcano
Lake Quilotoa  High altitude crater lake
Ilinizas Twin Peaks  Volcanoes north of Black Sheep Inn
Rio Toachi Canyon  Passes Lake Quilotoa and heads north
Canyon Plateau  Beautiful open expanse above the canyon
Chinalo Workshop  Local mission and furniture workshop
Local Markets  Several markets are close by the inn
Cloud Forest  Part of the Iliniza Ecological Reserve
Paramó Cheese Factory  In the high grasslands

Local People  Traditional culture and farming techniques
Views from the Inn  Sit on the deck and watch the world go by

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Getting Here Options for bus or private car to get to the inn

Geting a Ride  Bus or private jeep
Bus Schedule - getting here 
Bus Schedule - departing 
Private Transport  Prices and recommendations

In Your Own Vehicle 
Driving Directions  based on driving from Quito, or from Latacunga
    Out of Quito    via Guayasamin Tunnel 
    Out of Quito    via El Trebol cloverleaf
    Quilotoa Loop    Northern Route 
    Quilotoa Loop    Southern Route 

Renting a Vehicle 

Day Hikes A wide variety of hikes to see the area

Lake Quilotoa  The famous crater lake itself
Rio Toachi Canyon  Options for up and down the river
Canyon Plateau  Fantastic views above the canyon
Paramó & Cloud Forest  High grasslands and high altitude rain forest
Ridge Hike  Short hike above & around the inn
Guantualo Market  Hike across the canyon

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Other Activities What to do while you stay at the inn

Horseback Riding  Trips for novice or expert
Mountain Biking  Several routes to choose
Local Markets  Many markets are within driving distance
Sauna & Hot Tub  Wood-stove-fired system
Zipline  Fly on a steel cable above the hillside
Waterslide  Of death
Yoga  self-led, or just relax in the hammocks
Frisbee Golf  World's highest frisbee golf course
Animals  Friendly llamas, sheep, pigs, chickens

Opportunities Opportunites to volunteer and help the community

Community donations

History -- past managers

Reservations Book your stay at the inn

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Booking Policies 
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