Area map

Black Sheep Inn is located at 10,400 feet in elevation in the town of Chugchilán, County of Sigchos, Province of Cotopaxi, ECUADOR about 6 kilometers north of Laguna Quilotoa.  Enter: “Chucchilan Cotopaxi Ecuador” in a GoogleMap.

We highly recommend you spend four to five nights+ at Black Sheep Inn.  Getting here is an adventure and once you arrive, it is so beautiful, you will not want to leave.   There are enough activities to spend a week filled with day-hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking or just relaxing in the Yoga Studio or Sauna.

The roads have been greatly improved over the last few years and now the entire driving loop is paved with asphalt.

The “Latacunga Loop” OR “Quilotoa Circuit” is a name given to a large loop of spectacular winding roads that connect Laguna Quilotoa to Latacunga and the Pan-American Highway.  It is recommended to travel in one way and leave on the other part of the loop, thus completing the circuit.  We are located on the western side of the Quilotoa Loop, well off the beaten track, about three and a half hours from Quito and two and half hours from the Pan-American Highway.

Road Work on the Northern Loop – through SIGCHOS

The local government is repaving the road and there will be periodic closures.  Check with Edmundo at 03-270-8077 for the most current information.