Black Sheep Activities

Stuff To Do at Black Sheep Inn

In addition to day hikes, we offer horseback trips through the mountains.  If you are a bit of an athlete, the area is great for mountain bikes.   There is bike rental available in Chugchilan or you are welcome to bring your own bike.

To relax, you can enjoy the yoga room whether it’s for practicing yoga, reading on the sun deck, or napping in a hammock.  A firewood-fueled sauna and hot tub are available as well.

Black Sheep Inn is proud to provide the world’s highest frisbee golf course, designed by pro competitor Robin White.  We also provide a horseshoes court and a volleyball court, as well as plenty of boardgames in the lodge.  To get your heart racing, you can try our zipline and waterslide.   And you can spend some time getting to know the animals on the property (llamas, sheep, pigs, chickens and rabbits).

Black Sheep Inn provides FREE internet access but only in and around the main lodge, if you just can’t kick the facebook habit while you’re here.

Horseback Riding

You can walk or gallop across the high paramó, descend steeply into the canyon, or take a relaxing ride out onto the plateau.

Mountain Bikes

Biking at altitude 3200 meters (10,500 feet), in thin air, with the landscape’s dramatic contours, is a challenge for most riders.  Yet we recommend a few downhill bike rides.

Local Markets

Andean tradition thrives in this area and local markets provide many opportunities to observe how people have been trading for thousands of years

Sauna and Hot Tub

Some people say that the Finnish sauna is for cleaning the body, and the Native American sweat dome for ritualistic purification. 


The practice of yoga promotes physical strength, mental clarity, and emotional well-being, fostering a harmonious balance between mind, body, and spirit.

Relaxing Massage

A relaxing massage provides relief from stress and tension, promoting relaxation, improved circulation, and overall well-being.

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf offers a fun and active way to enjoy the outdoors while honing hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking skills.

Friendly Animals

Friendly animals bring joy and companionship, enriching our lives with their warmth and unconditional love.