Community Donations

Give to the Local Community


Black Sheep Inn has a small fund for helping the community.  Edmundo has purchased and distributed schools supplies, paint and trail building tools.   He has sponsored volunteer days to pick up and recycle garbage, dig and maintain trails, and paint school and community buildings.   A little bit of money goes a long way.

Black Sheep Inn sponsors students from Chugchilan with a scholarship fund to continue their education through univerity.   In Ecuador in general tuition is FREE, but our scholarship pays for renting an apartment, additional materials, books, supplies and transportation.   We also have the need for laptops, tablets and unlocked smart phones.   Especially in Covid times because so many classes are virtual.  

So far we have had two Chugchilan students graduate with degrees in Ecotourism and Agronomy.   Currently in 2021 we have three scholarship students: one as a medical doctor in his final year long internship, another as a nurse and another as an early childhood educator.   The Inn accepts physical donations through Pack For A Purpose . helps you locate people in need.   Make a difference in the lives of children around the world.  Use available space in your luggage to provide supplies to the communities you visit.

Packing a Box

Airline Luggage Limits
It is actually easy to bring stuff down.  Most airlines with international flights allow two pieces of checked luggage weighing up to 50 pounds each per passenger!  That means you could bring a checked bag and a carry on for yourself and one more piece of checked luggage for the community.  Luggage size must be under 62 linear inches (that means the sum of the height + width + length must not exceed 62 inches).  The weight must not exceed 50 pounds.  Check with your carrier to verify limits.  Don’t make too much effort to bring an old computer down here… computers prices have plummeted, which sometimes means money might be better spent in purchasing new equipment than in excess overweight luggage.

It may sound unusual, but at Ecuadorian customs, you are allowed to bring in a personal computer.  You do not need to declare anything.  The truth is that tourists rarely get checked as they are entering Ecuador.

PLEASE let us know if you are interested in donating something to the community.  Unfortunately we must APPROVE whatever you want to donate.  We are not acting as a Salvation Army drop off!  Let us know if you have any items to donate.

Thank you so much for considering the people of Chugchilán.  We look forward to meeting you soon!  Email us with your reservation and any other questions you may have.