Organic gardens

It is safe to eat salads at the Black Sheep Inn.  We fertilize the terraced gardens with animal manure and compost/red-worm castings.  We combat plagues and insects with natural remedies, such as aji (red hot chili peppers), garlic and tobacco sprays.  We plant predatory-insect repelling species (nasturtium, chamomile, cultivated lupine, calendula etc.) around the garden.  We continue experimenting with inter-cropping and companion planting.

Our green-house allows us to produce warm weather vegetables.  The green-house is heated by passive solar.  We use 150 gallons of water along with thick adobe walls for thermal mass.  The chickens also produce heat in the evenings, and lay eggs first thing in the morning.  This greenhouse / chicken-house combination is one of the many ideas we learned through studying Permaculture techniques from around the world.

All vegetables served in the kitchen are treated with concentrated Ozone and a natural disinfectant made from grapefruit extract in order to kill bacteria.  Our kitchen is safe for even the most delicate stomachs.  Please indulge!  One of the goals of the Black Sheep Inn is to increase onsite sustainable food production.