Past Managers & Volunteers


We’ve had a great run of fantastic people over the years, who have come to volunteer and to manage the inn.  For volunteers, our guesthouse offers all the comforts of home, with a chance to learn permaculture while working in the High Andes of rural Ecuador. 

If you are interested in managing or volunteering at the inn, please check out our opportunities page.

Here’s a rough history of our past managers and volunteers, all of whom have helped to build the inn to what it is.  Thanks a million!

Rosanna and Edwin, 2007 - 2008

Rosanna Breiddal from Victoria Canada and Edwin Salazar from Archidona Ecuador worked here at the Black Sheep Inn from December 2007 to October 2008. Rosanna studied at the University of Guelph Ontario as did past managers Iain and Karen. Edwin comes from a long line of Shamans in the Ecuadorian Oriente. They now live in Victoria BC Canada.
You are always welcome back at the BSI... the staff miss you!

Danni and Jeremy, 2007

CONGRATULATIONS to the new addition to your family, Lenny, a baby boy born here in Ecuador and perhaps conceived at the BSI!
Danni Cleveland and Jeremy Rudston from Australia and South Africa were caretakers at the Black Sheep Inn from April until June 2007. They held down the fort during some of our renovations and while we went to the states for Andres mom's big birthday bash! Danni and Jeremy are sailing around the world and decided to experiment living in the high Andes as they wait for the right season to cross the South Pacific. They were guests here while Buffalo and Claudine were managers.

Natasha and Kevin, 2007 - 2008

Natasha Bagley and Kevin Pilgrim were volunteers extraordinaire from December 2006 to February 2007. They are traveling around the world and taking breaks to work along the way. See their blog at: How to be a Black Sheep. They would have stayed longer if they had more time and they promised to come back! They are now in New Zealand!
Good luck to Denis in Grad School!.

Buffalo and Claudine, 2006

Buffalo Adams and Claudine Williams from Northern California worked at the Black Sheep Inn from April Fool's Day until December 2006! They were expert managers with years experience running Emandal, a Farm on a River Buff and Claudine were the first ones to occupy the new managers room and helped us add a private bathroom to the cabaña, open our cold food room and expand our office.
They are back in the US of A working away and missing the high (altitude) life. We saw them in Seattle in September 2008 (now married) and visited several breweries. They are now living in Grand Exuma Bahamas.

Chris and Amanda, 2005

OohLaLA and Mama Mia! (a.k.a. Chris da Rocha and Amanda Borrows) helped us manage the Inn from May 2005 until October 2005. They are now married too!! Whoopee! We were able to visit the East Coast and got to Andy's brothers wedding.

Mark and Megan, 2005

Mark and Megan, from Australia, volunteered and helped us install the solar powered water pump.

Iain Duncan, 2004 - 2005

Iain Duncan came back to the Black Sheep Inn in November 2004 and stayed until March 2005. He was a fantastic manager and promises to come back, although we are still waiting. He has returned to India to start an Environmental Education Center in Auroville... his next plans are in FLUX. During this time we also had the help of a volunteer Josie (from Minnesota), who spoke a great Argentinean Spanish.
Iain is now living in Riobamba and is the country director of Free the Children, an NGO based in Canada.

Iain and Gail, 2004

From April till July 2004 we had two new managers, Gail Arendell, from North Carolina USA and Iain Duncan, from Ontario, Canada. We, Michelle & Andy, went to Europe to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. We visited our former Swiss managers Juerg & Christine, and Antonis & Frosso, the editors/creators of the ECOCLUB in Greece. The trip was excellent, we especially loved Croatia! Gail and Iain did a great job and we will never forget the great vacation they allowed us to take.

Matt and Lindsay, 2003

We had some great managers from February 2003 until the end of June 2003, Matt J. Kelley and Lindsay Siegel. Because of their help we were able to focus our time on building projects and even going to rock concerts, like the Mexican band Maná, in Quito! After almost a year managing Las Palmeras in Quichinche, Matt and Lindsay are now off in the US of A for another adventure which includes tying the knot! CONGRATS!!
They are now raising a family in Brooklyn NY and have visited us with their son Geoffrey.

Juerg and Christine, 2002

In 2002 we went traveling for 6 months. We visited friends and family in the USA and also went backpacking in New Zealand and Australia with a stops in both Fiji and the Cook Islands!
While we were gone in 2002, the Black Sheep Inn remained open with the help of our Swiss friends Juerg & Christine. They were some of our first guests at the Black Sheep Inn back in 1995 while we were building the first guestrooms. We have been in touch with them over the years and we even met in Cuba once while on a short vacation. They did a fantastic job holding down the fort and we can't thank them enough for all of their extremely dedicated work. Black Sheep Inn was greatly improved by their presence!! They now own a Hotel in Switzerland called Hitsch Huus - Congratulations!