Catching the Bus

Local buses to rural locations such as Chugchilán are a great experience.  For just $2.50 you can share the 3 hour ride from Latacunga with friendly campesinos, chickens, pigs and sheep.  The newly mostly paved roads through gorgeous mountainous scenery make for a breathtaking ride!

Bus Schedule - getting to Black Sheep Inn

For bus travel to Black Sheep Inn, the first step is to get to the bus terminal in Latacunga.  This is a straight forward morning bus ride from Quito.  If you’re travelling from farther away, you may need to spend the night in Latacunga.  We have some recommendations for staying in Latacunga.   It can take 6-8 hours to travel to the Black Sheep Inn from Quito by public transportation because of connections etc., but it will only cost about $5-$7 per person.  Buses depart for Chugchilan from Latacunga at 7am, 11:30am, 11:45am and 3pm.

Quito to Latacunga

Buses leave every 30 minutes (or less) from Terminal Quitumbe, the terminal on the south side of Quito.  The bus to Latacunga takes just over an hour and costs about $1.50.

You can reach Terminal Quitumbe via the Trolebus, taking it all the way to the last stop, going South.  The Trolebus is an electric bus line that runs all the way through Quito, from the north, to the Terminal Quitumbe in the south.  You can check out a trolebus map, and an extensive trolebus website in English.

If you start out from Quito by 8:30 AM, you should have enough time to  1. take the trolebus to Terminal Quitumbe, and  2. take the next bus to Latacunga, arriving before 11:00 AM to make your transfer.

A taxi from New Town Quito to the Quitumbe Bus Terminal costs $10 to $15 and takes about 45 minutes depending on traffic.

Latacunga to Chugchilán

Look for Cooperativa Transportes La Iliniza for the bus all the way to Chugchilán. A new busline called 14 de Octubre also goes all the to Chugchilán departing at 7 AM.

The bus from Latacunga to Chugchilán takes 2.5 to 3 hours and costs about US$2.50. Terminal Terrestre is located on the west side of the Pan American Highway, just south of the 5 de Junio Bridge.

Latacunga Bus Terminal
Every Day, All Week 7:00 AM Bus to Chugchilán, via Zumbahua
Every Day, All Week 11:30 AM Bus to Chugchilán, via Sigchos
Every Day, All Week 11:45 AM Bus to Chugchilán, via Zumbahua
Every Day, All Week 3:00 PM Bus to Chugchilán, via Zumbahua

The bus through Sigchos drops you off right at the Black Sheep Inn’s driveway. The other buses travel through Zumbahua and drop you in the Plaza of Chugchilán, a five minute walk down to the Black Sheep Inn.

In general the journey takes 2.5 – 3 hours by bus, but times vary widely on these trips.

Bus Schedule - departing Chugchilán

Most people traveling by bus need to first get back to Latacunga, which is on the Pan-American Highway.  There are now several daily buses from Chugchilán to Latacunga.  From Latacunga, you can get buses to most major destinations.

BUT you do NOT need to wake up at dawn to travel.  Remember that you are on vacation!   Private transportation can be arranged to take you to Zumbahua, Latacunga, Quito, Baños and many other destinations

Buses leaving Chugchilán
day time destination duration notes
Every Day 4:00 AM to Latacunga via Sigchos 2.5-3 hours daily bus
Every Day 5:00 AM to Latacunga via Zumbahua 2.5-3 hours daily bus
Every Day 6:00 AM to Latacunga via Zumbahua 2.5-3 hours daily bus
Every Day 1:00 PM to Latacunga via Zumbahua 2.5-3 hours daily bus
Monday thru Friday 6:00 AM & 10 AM to Sigchos 40 minutes Students’ bus to Sigchos, transfer to another bus to Latacunga
Friday 2:00 PM to Latacunga via Zumbahua 2.5-3 hours Teachers’ bus that leaves the area for the weekend after classes.
day time destination duration notes
Sunday 9:00 AM to Latacunga via Zumbahua 2.5-3 hours 1st Sunday Bus
Sunday 10:00 AM to Latacunga via Zumbahua 2.5-3 hours 2nd Sunday Bus
Sunday 11:00 AM to Latacunga via Zumbahua 2.5-3 hours 3rd Sunday Bus
Sunday 1:30 PM to Latacunga via Zumbahua 2.5-3 hours Last Sunday Bus

Private Transport

Not quite up for the bus ride?

We have drivers who can pick you up at your hotel in Quito to bring you directly to the Black Sheep Inn starting at US$100.   With a private driver, you have the freedom to stop for photographs and breathe the clean mountain air while stretching your legs.  Remember, it is about 3.5 hours on winding roads through spectacular scenery.  Drivers speak Spanish.

Prices to/from Quito

These are the best prices we have found one-way from Quito to Black Sheep Inn with a driver who knows the roads:

  • $100 for 1-4 people
  • $150 for 5-8 people

Prices to/from Quito Airport

  • $120 for 1-4 people
  • $150 for 5-8 people

NOTE: The driver for 5-8 people charges a daily rate of $150, whether traveling to/from Quito, Latacunga or Banos.

Prices from Latacunga

We have a reliable drivers to and from Latacunga who charge US$50 to bring you to or from Chugchilán, for up to 4 people.   They can meet you at the Bus Terminal or provide door to door service from one of the Lasso Haciendas.  If you do hire a taxi from Latacunga, be sure that your driver really knows how far it is to Chugchilán, about 2.5 hours each way and call first (03) 270-8077.

Prices to/from Latacunga

  • $50 for 1-4 people

Prices to/from Banos

  • $100 for 1-4 people
  • $150 for 5-8 people

Driving your own Vehicle

Between 2012-2018 there has been major road work in the area, most of the loop is now paved.  You no longer need a four wheel drive to get here, even the smallest rental cars can easily make it, but the road can be rough.

Cell Phone Coverage
The Quilotoa Loop gets mobile phone reception, mostly on the “Claro” network, but there is now some “MoviStar” service too.

Gasoline (petrol)
It’s a good idea to refill your vehicle before you leave the Pan-American Highway.  You can get “EXTRA” (regular unleaded gas) near Sigchos and in Zumbahua on the Quilotoa Loop, but you cannot get “SUPER” (high octane gas).

Driving Distances and Approximate Driving Times
Quito to Chugchilán 3.5 hours 180 km 115 miles
Quito to Latacunga 1.5 hours 95 km 60 miles
Latacunga to Zumbahua 1h20 min 60 km 37 miles
Zumbahua to Laguna Quilotoa 20 minutes 14 km 9 miles
Laguna Quilotoa to Chugchilán 30 minutes 16 km 10 miles
Latacunga to Saquisilí 20 minutes 15 km 9 miles
Latacunga to Sigchos 1h45 min 64 km 40 miles
Sigchos to Chugchilán 35 minutes 24 km 15 miles

Renting a Car

Simon Car Rental is an independently owned car rental company. Many of our guests have rented from them and they have good rates. Simon can deliver your car to your hotel within Quito or they can meet you at the Quito International Airport for a fee of $15. Rentals start at around US $40 per day. They offer a 15% discounts for SUV’s and 4X4’s if you are traveling to the Black Sheep Inn. SUV’s start around $75 per day. Depending on where you are driving, the 100 km per day should be sufficient.

Driving Directions

We recommend that you download and print the PDF version of these directions.  It’s best to have a copy with you on the road.

General Notes
Black Sheep Inn is about 3-4 hours driving from Quito. It is best to leave in the morning in order to ensure great views along the way and to have enough time for photo breaks and stretching your legs. You no longer need a four wheel drive to get here, even the smallest rental cars make it. The entire driving loop is now paved.

All roads in Ecuador have been greatly improved over the last few years. Many streets, roads, and intersections are only recently being marked. Therefore these instructions will describe clear landmarks to look for as you drive. When referring to bridges in the city, these instructions ignore pedestrian walkways that go over the road. It may be helpful if someone can be your navigator, and read to you as you are driving. Please be aware that landmarks are constantly changing and sorry if some of the instructions are redundant.

COVID-19 Restrictions are very different, please check with local autorities.

In order to reduce peak hour traffic congestion, Quito has implemented restricted driving hours based on the last digit of the license plate on the vehicle you are driving. This system is called “Pico y Placa” and you are not allowed to drive between the hours of 7:30-9:00 am or 4:00-7:30 pm within Quito.

Monday – License Plates ending in 1 or 2
Tuesday – License Plates ending in 3 or 4
Wednesday – License Plates ending in 5 or 6
Thursday – License Plates ending in 7 or 8
Friday – License Plates ending in 9 or 0 (zero)
Weekends and Holidays there is no Pico y Placa

If caught driving fines are HIGH. Your car can be parked in Quito during these hours, just not circulating. Click for more info

Heading South towards Latacunga

Once out of Quito, you are on your way south to Latacunga.  The Black Sheep Inn is at the far end of the “Quilotoa Loop,” so there are two different ways you can go to get here.  Both are beautiful and take about four hours from Quito.  You can choose the Northern Route or the Southern Route.

You should plan on driving in one way, and out the other.  This way you can complete the loop and enjoy the unique scenery in both directions.  It is recommended coming in via the Northern Route and Sigchos, then when you depart you can see Laguna Quilotoa in the morning when the weather is the best and continue on the rest of the loop.