Community Recycling

Chugchilán - the local village by the Black Sheep Inn

Chugchilán’s Recycling Centre has been an initiative of the Black Sheep Inn’s since Andres (co-owner of the Black Sheep Inn) was elected to be King of Garbage in Chugchilán in 2006.  By working cooperatively with public officials Andres helped purchase a small property to use as a separation facility, tree nursery and mini landfill.

Trash used to be swept weekly in the canyon in front of the local school.  Now trash is separated into cardboard, hard plastic, soft plastic, paper, metal and organic.  Recyclables are sold and profits go directly to the people who sort the waste.  Organic waste has been composted and used to fertilize a public central park in the village.

Local materials, local labor

The Recycling Center is built out of hand made adobe blocks and roofing material salvaged from an old demolished market building. It was built using all local labor.  This project helps to maintain a clean and healthy village.  Local people are employed and have been trained to do every step of the work involved in recycling.  Tourists volunteer on designated clean up days in the village.

Daily Function

The Recycling Center receives organic and inorganic waste from the village of Chugchilán.  Over 50% of the waste is composted, 30% separated and sold to local recyclers and approximately 20% goes into a small landfill.

There are 4 separating stations in the village of Chugchilán labeled with signs and images describing how to classify the waste.  The vehicle is highly visible (and cute) when transporting waste and it can easily convey important public messages of cleanliness and sanitation to local villagers.

Milestone - Recycling Collection Vehicle

For WTM World Responsible Tourism Day 2007, the Black Sheep Inn, along with guests and village members, decoratively painted recycling messages on the new 3-wheeled diesel eco recycling vehicle.  The ‘Tuk-Tuk’ vehicle was donated by the local mayor to transport solid waste to the Recycling Center built and established by the Black Sheep Inn.  This ‘ECO’ vehicle has a range of 100 km per gallon.  We are investigating the possibility of converting it to bio-diesel.

Before the generous donation of the vehicle to transport the waste, the Black Sheep Inn had been volunteering the use of its pick-up truck.  Black Sheep Inn is now in charge of vehicle maintenance.  The painting of the ‘Tuk-Tuk’ vehicle is one small part in the project of community Environmental Education; which will continue in the local schools, more recycling stations will be established, there will be garbage pick-ups at local homes, and a tree nursery will be established using fertilizer from the finished compost.

Milestone -- Tree planting with recycled fertilizer

For WTM World Responsible Tourism Day 2008 Black Sheep Inn started planting native trees using organic fertilizer produced from composting village waste.  The recycling site now has over 200 trees planted.